About Us

It has always been a struggle for people of Asia (desi) to get their hands on to dramas (get to watch dramas) that they’ve missed by any of the situations.

Keeping that struggle in mind and re-inventing something that could get rid of not being able to watch the dramas’ episodes that have been missed, we came up with something called “Vidforyo“.

Vidforyo” helps you watch all of the dramas’ episodes of desi drama serials without wandering here and there; we have all the dramas for you available to watch – and if you don’t find the dramas of your own choice, you can always write us a message and we’ll add that drama in our website.

Here’s how Vidforyo works:

Publishers of the dramas upload their content to different video hosting platforms like hotstar, Youtube, tune.pk, dailymotion etc. and we embed them in our site for you to never lost again finding your favorite drama.